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Microflown AVISA ( provides complete acoustic situational awareness and is a trusted partner of several NATO countries. Its flagship product, the Acoustic Multi Mission Sensor, weighs 2 kg, sizes 30 cm diameter and consumes 2 W.   Due to its small footprint, vehicle mounted (parasite) mobile sound ranging arrays have become available.   Distributed arrays of passive AMMSs (hardwired and/or wireless) can be used to detect, locate and classify both:  

  • mortars and artillery rounds 

o points of origins and o points of impacts    

  • helicopters/drones

Autonomous arrays of AMMSs can be used for:  

  • peace      time operations, allowing all weather target practicing with no need of      external observers
  • war      time operations: 

  • localizing       long range hostile artillery positions
  • autonomous       fire control for firing units/ weapon platforms, localizing own impacts
  • predicting       points of impact of hostile supersonic rounds (Hear & Warn)

Synergies have been identified with active radars that are vulnerable to Electronic Warfare, alerting and cueing the radar beam.  


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Vricon offers high-accuracy 3D data for decision makers. Data is provided globally, based on your areas of interest. The process uses commercial satellite imagery and does not require ground control points. Vricon serves the entire professional geospatial market, with an initial focus on defense, security, and infrastructure. Vricons technology enables imagery content to accurately represent all visible objects on the earth in 3D, and the products provide customers with unmatched value and utility, superior coverage relative to aerial-derived elevation models, and superior fidelity and availability relative to other satellite-derived models. Vricon combines Saab™ unique 3D technology and know-how with DigitalGlobe ™ unrivaled archive which contains billions of square kilometers of the world highest quality commercial satellite imagery. Vricons high scale production capabilities create highly accurate photorealistic 3D products and elevation data of the earth, accessible via a unique visualization platform and standard based data formats



FACNAV is a multi-role Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) and Digitally Aided Fire Support (DAFS) kit. FACNAV has been designed to meet the changing requirements of ground troops, while CAS functionality provides JTACs with the most advanced data link capabilities available today, e.g. VMF, L16 and AFAPD. FACNAV also provides a wide range of radio, sensor and weapon systems Integration both for ground based and airborne assets to help minimize third party collateral damage and avoid blue-on-blue incidents. Utilizing near real-time ISR information and analysis and mensuration tool integration allows for more accurate decision aking. FACNAV was first deployed in 2007. Teleplan Globe AS is based in Norway. For more information see