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The Mortar Systems Conference  is the leading unclassified forum for Mortar Systems in Europe. Now in its 16th year the conference brings together all the leading Mortar user and manufacturing organisations around the world. The conference will develop the themes discussed in the last 15 years with a series of presentations covering the whole subject area from a military practitioner and an industry technological point of view. Like previous conferences the speakers will be a range of international military and industry subject matter experts. 

By locating the Mortar Systems Conference within the Future Indirect Fires Conference and DSET we are better able to address other linked contemporary Indirect Fires challenges. The role of Mortars in close combat remains undiminished and the technical and operational boundaries between traditional Artillery & Infantry indirect fires roles are increasingly blurred. Also, individual, crew and collective training are serious challenges within the world of Joint & Indirect Fires. By collocating these three events we are providing attendees access to both the Fires end user operational needs and the synthetic training solutions to those needs. 

There will be three lecture theatres to host each stream and a common exhibition and catering area. Attendees to any event will have full access to the other two streams within the ticket price and may pick & choose which presentations they attend.   

Mortar Systems Agenda

The 2019 agenda will be completed by end of November 2018. Click the link below to download the detailed agenda for the 2018 event.

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Industry Delegate - £1400.00 + VAT

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Mortar Stream Agenda



Conference Day One – Tuesday 19th March 

08:30 Registration of Delegates

09:00 Chairman’s introduction & welcome

Christopher F Foss, Contributing Editor to IHS Jane's Defence Review and Jane's Land Consultant.

Until 1st August 2017 Christopher was the founder and editor of Jane’s Armoured Fighting Vehicles and co-editor of Jane’s Artillery and Air Defence and Jane’s Logistic Support and Unmanned. He previously also conceived and edited Janes Land Warfare Platforms Systems Upgrades and launched Jane’s Defence Review which was subsequently taken into Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Christopher has lectured on armoured vehicles and other weapon systems in many countries including Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, UK and the USA and has now driven some 50 vehicles, tracked and wheeled.

09:10 Mortar Futures Concepts for the Maneuver Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs)

Alexander Wright, Mortar Team Chief, Lethality Branch, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence.

· Platform integration efforts to include AMPV and JLTV

· Mortar weapon system developments

· Ammunition programs

· Fire Control Transformation


Mr. Olli Dahl, Military Specialist, Patria Land Systems 

· Patria NEMO turreted mortar system key characteristics

· How to organize: Potential mortar unit organizations

· Operation in different ground combat scenarios

· Threat counterbattery avoidance

· Direct fire capabilities

· Flexibility: Use in littoral operations

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Italian Mortar Development

Lt Col Livio Cavallaro, Chief of Fire Support Weapon Training Department, Infantry School, Italian Army

· Organisation of Mortars in the Italian Army – Mortar Platoon Structure

· Current Equipment – weapons, ammunition types, fire control system, target acquisition systems, mobility & logistics

· Training

· Future equipment projects

11:45 Filling the Lethality Gap Using New Technologies

Christian Herren, Director Research and Development, Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland

12:30 Lunch

14:00 – The Danish 120mm project – CARDOM 10

Major Mike Johnsson, Head of Mortar Element/S7/1 Danish Artillery Battalion

· An introduction to the new weapons.

· Digitalization of the fire support.

· Ammunition present and future.

14:45 Hirtenberger Defence Systems  – THE MORTAR COMPANY  

Ing. Roland Pittracher MBA, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Hirtenberger Defence Systems

Developments and product solution for modern mortar systems with focus on 60mm Commando mortar system with GRAM (Grid aiming mode) and CONFRAG ammunition technology, to increase lethality of mortar rounds.


15:30 Tea/Coffee

16:00 Mortar Mission Training System

Lt Col (Retd) Martyn Armstrong, Cubic Defence UK

· Why (& when) live fire?;

· Why (& how) instrument?;

· Negative training;

· The live v dry balance – what should it be?;

· Realism in STA and linking sensor to shooter;

· Experimentation.

16:45 Indirect Fire in the Infantry: Current Tasks and Future Development

Capt. Felix Juellig, Heavy Infantry Development, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre

· Light Effector Indirect Fire" - Ongoing Procurement of 60mm Infantry Mortar

· New tasks and threats for German Army and the effects to future capabilities of ground-based indirect fire within the Infantry

17:30 - Conference Adjourns - Drinks


Conference Day Two – Wednesday 20th March

08:30 Delegate Registration & Coffee

09:00  Fire Support and the Operational Environment through 2050

Major (Retd) Dwayne Hynes, Deputy Chief of Staff, G2, US Army

· The likely future operating environment and its near and longer term fire support implications

· Why we must prepare to operate in a full range of complex environments and prepare for a wide spectrum of threats, challenges and contingencies.

· The evolution of mortars and their role in the future operational environment".

09:45 Experience in the use of Mortars in Eastern Ukraine

Major Petro Koliennikov, Senior Lecturer, Field Artillery Department, National Army Academy, Ukrainian Land Forces

· the types of mortars used

· mortar use tactics

· countermeasures to different changes of the environment

10:30 – Coffee

11:00 - Group Discussion – Operating Mortars in the Modern Threat Environment

The Group will review ideas generated by idea boards along with two to three modern threat scenarios from a Red Cell. The expectation is that the group will add or clarify anything that is presented, propose solutions--either current or future, and identify if the collective community thinks we have a capability gap.

11:45 - The Swiss 120mm Mortar Program

Captain Lars Kristian Lehmann, head of introduction mortar 16, Swiss Armed Forces

The PIRANHA IV with the 120mm COBRA, Bringing the Swiss Mortar into Operation

12:30  Chairmans washup & Finish

12:30 Lunch